4 Nouns

My last class started this week for my EdS in Educational Technology.  We have the typical introduce yourself post.  I’m not usually a fan of these.  I’ve now been in class online with the same group of people since November of 2015, it seems crazy to introduce myself when everyone already knows me.  However, this time, the teacher introducing style threw me for a loop.

We had to name 4 nouns that describe us, without explaining.  That’s it.  4 simple nouns.  This of course made me stop and really think about how I would describe myself with nouns.  I asked my husband.  Who just stared at me blankly.  Wasn’t a good sign in my mind, however he said the obvious “Mother, Teacher, Wife, Lover.”  Of course I can’t use Lover for my class, but it made me think, is that how he sees me.  As those four things.  So I took to my friends for their views, just to see.

Friend 1: Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend

Friend 2: Chef, Mom, Committed (that’s an adjective which is not usable), Rock

Friend 3: (This friend gave me a list of adjectives, which I really appreciated, then realized I said nouns) Gamer, Teacher, Friend, Boss

Friend 4: Stairs, Sponge, Funnel, Diamond

Friend 4 made me stop in my tracks.  They seem odd.  Much different from the words I got from my husband and Friend 1.  By the time she had responded to me, I had already posted my nouns of Educator, Mother, Gamer, Rock.  Now at first thought, I’m pleased with those nouns.  They describe me.  You can clearly see those things about me after you chat with me for a few minutes.  But I immediately regretted those first three words. Not because I am those things, but because that is how people see me at the surface.  Those are surface words.  Those words don’t describe me in depth.  I wish I had waited (bc I can’t delete posts, in my online classes platform), because Friend 4 with the combination of Rock from Friend 2 describes in depth me.  Let me explain:

c47b856a88d1968d7c45e554c3abb504-wood-staircase-wooden-stairsWhy stairs?  Why does the nouns stairs describe me?  According to my friend, she thinks of stairs for how I am always creating a path for people to be better and to help them reach goals.  Stairs help us to reach higher places.  They take us to new heights, and she knows that deep down in my heart, that’s what I truly enjoy doing.  And she’s right.  I love working with people and helping them figure out what they want to do to be better.  I also find myself wondering a lot of the time how to achieve bigger and better things for myself and my family, so the idea of using stairs to describe me seems very fitting.

large-natural-sea-sponge-45The concept of me being a sponge actually made me laugh when she first said it.  It made me think she said that because I’m constantly cleaning up after everyone.  However, her explanation is much better.  She told me that I’m a sponge because I soak everything up in terms of learning.  I truly do love to learn new things.  I find it exciting to discover new crazy things.  My husband likes to give me crap about my daily useless facts that I pass along to him.  I guess that’s me being a sponge and soaking up crazy new information from all things and then sharing all the information with other people.

712-htqnpxl-_sx355_Funnel?  Because I like to cook?  No.   I’m a funnel because I’m good at filtering information and finding what I really need and getting things done efficiently.  Funnels help us to prevent messes when we are having to transfer liquids into new containers.   My friend says that I’m a funnel for all the new information I take in and then figure out a better way to express the information to others so that they don’t get overwhelmed.


Rock.  YES!  I am a rock.  I am the stability for my family.   I stand my ground against things that are wrong.  I hold my family above the crazy shit that happen in our lives.  I don’t waiver.  Even at my lowest with my anxiety, I am still a rock for my husband, my son, and my friends that need me the most.

Am I upset that I posted that I’m a Mother?  No.  It’s one of the single most glorious things in my life.  My son makes me world go round.  Considering now that I am unable to have any children, I’m very thankful for my birth control baby. That’s right… birth control baby.  There was a reason he defeated the odds with birth control and the world will know it soon. This kid is going to change something big in the world, I can feel it.

Educator.  I am.  I am this through and through.  I always have been and I always will be.  From the time I spent teaching my stuffed animals as a kid, to working with elementary aged kids when I was in high school, to now where I’m working with adults.  I live, breathe, and will die with education coursing through my veins.

Gamer.  Although, it’s not as often as I would like, I do love relaxing by playing video games, board games, or table-top RPGs.  It always me to take on a different perspective for a few hours.

It’s really hard to identify yourself with just 4 nouns.  Its hard to make people see you for what you are with those nouns, but its do-able.  But I know I’m more than those surface level nouns.  I have deep-rich nouns that describe me.

Stairs. Sponge. Funnel. Rock.

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