Hair Cut

It’s funny to me, how one change can make a big difference. I’ve been letting my hair grow. Not really sure why, besides the fact that I couldn’t really find someone I liked to cut it since moving to my current location almost 6 years ago. My way of coping with that has been to color my hair every 6 weeks at home. 
It was the change I needed, but recently I haven’t felt good about the way I look. I knew it was time to make a cut and redefine my look so that I felt happy again. I did that yesterday. My best friend called her stylist and made me appointment. 

Here is the before. My hair was a wreck. Just looked unhealthy. Most days I didn’t even have it down, it was up and out of my way. 

Here is the after. 

I feel so much better about myself with this one change. I feel pretty again. I feel good about myself. On top of that, it’s given me a renewed purpose in getting back on the workout train. 

I hope everyone can find a small change to make them feel better today. 

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