1 House. 2 Disorders

When one person has a mental disorder in your house, it’s difficult. When 2 people have two different mental disorders that makes it even tougher. 

I’ve been having really good days. And those days came to an end on Saturday and Sunday. My husband who has depression was having several off days. His depression was in full swing.  And that triggered my anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to help him. I didn’t know what to say. I just kept upsetting him. 

When he got out of the car for work Saturday, I started crying immediately when I turned the corner.  I cried the whole drive home.  When he gets that way, I don’t know how to help and it makes me worry which triggers the anxiety that he will do something stupid. 

Today, much better day. I helped him set up a new routine for writing and training in Jiu Jitsu. And he has been creative all day, so his mood is better. 

I handle my shit just fine when he is okay. But I still gotta learn how to handle it when he isn’t, so I don’t have a bad day too. 

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