I’ve never been a cat person. I’ve always been a dog person. Don’t get me wrong, I liked cats, but their attitudes are fickle, lol. 

For almost a year and a half, we’ve been feeding a neighborhood cat. She was a kitten, and very feral. We, my neighbor at the time, and I managed to catch the mom, the kittens, and the dad around Thanksgiving 2015. They were fixed and brought back to the house. Since then one of the kittens and the mom have been hanging around the house.  

The kitten, which we’ve named Curious, has become very domesticated. She spends a lot of time inside the house now. I’ve spoiled her with toys and a comfy bed.  I’ve been trying to get her to use the litter box but haven’t had luck. When she needs to go, she goes to do the door and meows. Then she will come back a few hours later. 

She’s very sweet and loving, and when I’m having a bad day, she makes it better.  

I’ve been converted to a cat person, at least with this cat. 

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