Adjusting Expectations

A quick note before bed. 

I’ve realized that as much as I want balance and harmony in the world, it won’t happen. 

People will disappoint me.

People will hurt me. 

Plans will not go off without a hitch. 

Things will fail. 

I’m still Atlas, wishing to be Athena. But, I’m adjusting my expectations to be lower than I hope because then I won’t get the disappointment. 

For example: 

1. I am going to assume, I won’t get time away that I need, so I shall start coping with that in my own way as much as possible getting me time in small chunks. 

2. I’m also assuming I won’t be seeing my best friend for a while because our schedules don’t line up very often and when they do, he doesn’t feel good…. I’m really starting to question if he actually is my best friend. That’s a whole other post.

If I adjust my expectations the result in a failure that could trigger my anxiety, anger, etc… should in theory be reduced. Do I like that I’m having to adjust my expectations? Hell, no! I wish I didn’t have to. I wish that everyone had the same work ethic, friendship values, etc that I have, but they don’t. So I am the flexible one. I will adjust.

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