Anxiety Road

My brain is going down the Anxiety Road.

Why?  I don’t know.  Well… I do know… but I don’t want to acknowledge it, because if I acknowledge it, then it might just be a real thing, and I don’t know if I can handle it being a real thing.

But in order to embrace it, I have to say it out loud.  I think I’m losing my best friend.  I think we are drifting farther and farther apart with each passing day.  Our text conversations have almost gone to nothing.  Pure “how are you feeling” and “how did you sleep” type stuff.  Nothing of substance.  No hours of texting back and forth talking about anything and everything.

I’ve noticed it for a few months now.  This slowly dwindling meaningful text conversations.  Is it something I’ve done?  Did I over burden them with my problems to where they don’t want to be apart of my life any more?  Did they grow tired of me?

So I am playing this game in my head. Going through our history of friendship.  We used text all day.  Literally. No joke.  From the time we got up, to the time we went to bed. Even with our crazy schedules. I knew theres and they knew mine.  Now I’m lucky if I get a text or two every few hours.  And it’s usually, the standard “how are you feeling…” and then nothing… How do I not get paranoid with that?  How do I tell myself they are busy? How do I convince myself that I’m not losing the person who gets me more than anyone I’ve ever known?

At times, I feel like I’m suffocating them.  That I’m too much.  My life. My problems. My stupid brain constantly over analyzing everything.  I want the old times back.  I want to not have to fear that I’ve done something to upset them.  Do they know something that I don’t know.  Are they ignoring me for a reason.  Do I send them a message and says “Hey, is everything okay?” and then look like a crazy person?  Because I’ve already done that a few days ago.  And then got a reply back like 4 hours later “No, I’m not giving you the silent treatment, I had my phone on do not disturb.”

How do I call bullshit when I know that’s not true.  Your phone is only on Do Not Disturb when you are sleeping.  Not in the middle of the day. You are choosing to not respond.

How do I bring up they promised to come visit me this week?  But nothing has been said about it for over a week now.  How do I explain that it’s better if you are honest with me instead of leading me on, and telling me that you don’t feel good, that you’re tired, that you want to visit but don’t have the energy too.  How do I explain that I know you’ve been out with other people because I’ve been told.  How do I explain the hurt feelings. The numbness that I feel because you don’t treat me the way you used to?  That I’ve never recovered from our problem (which I think is the trigger to the drifting) that happened back at the beginning of March.

How do I not cry with the idea that you are drifting away?  How do I not cry at the idea of something I’ve invested all this time into, doesn’t mean the same thing to you.  How do I not question every text you send me as to whether you are being genuine?   How do I bring this up?

Which path do I take on the Anxiety Road?  My brain says all three.  It says I’m right.  I’ve messed up, like always. My closest friend is drifting from me.  Going at a speed at which I cannot keep up.

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