5 New Reasons

This weekend was full of ups and downs, much like the week leading up to it was.  

Friday was the highlight of the week with Date night and a hotel room with my husband. It was very much needed on a variety of levels. 

Saturday was a whole different ballgame. I kept messing up and making poor choices with timing of asking questions, to which upset my husband greatly.  That night I was to stay at my best friend’s house and watch her little girl so she could have a similar night with her husband to celebrate her birthday.  My husband decided not to join us because in his words I was suffocating him and he needed space. Point taken, feelings hurt, but fine. 

I then get a text from him later saying that a girl is coming over and wanted to make sure I was okay with that.  Honestly, I wasn’t but I knew he needed time to regroup away from me, so I agreed.  

When I got home yesterday morning he immediately appoligized for the way he treated me and that he over reacted.  I told him he hurt my feelings with the suffocation comment, and he said that it was just angry and upset.  He then made the sweetest comment to me. 

He said, ” Anytime I spend the night with someone other than you, I realize at least 5 new things I love about you. You feel right. You make me whole.”  

After 17 years together we might drive each other crazy at times. Outside parties might now understand our open marriage, but it’s what makes us unique. It’s what makes me know that he is the man I love and who I’m supposed to be with.  He feels right with me.  

We had friends over last night who are dating, have been for almost a year. They give us crap about how “lovey dovey” we are, constantly kissing and cuddling, etc. Thats what love is. Despite its clear ups and downs, it’s sticking it through and being happy and going to the ends of the universe for them. 

I sent this to my husband yesterday while he was at work.  The love and desire I have for him grows every day. 

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