Mildly Okay

Today has been a weird day.

Last week was fun, despite my few moments of anxiety filled thoughts.  Spending time with my kiddo is always good, but you get to that point where the question “when does school start again” pops in every hour on the hour.

We got home yesterday and I made quick work of getting laundry washed and put away. Around 11:30 I started having the worst abdominal pain ever. I was up most of the night but by the time my alarm went off, I felt slightly better.  Got my kid up and dressed for school.  As we get ready to walk out the door to go to the bus I asked what he wanted to bring for his snack day thefollowing day.

It’s at this point that he stops in his tracks as says, today was my snack day.  We get into a discussion about the correct day for his snack. He produces a note and I state that the date is tomorrow.  And then this comes out of his “my teacher said my snack day was the day we come back from spring break.”

Four letter words enter my brain at this point as I’m frantically looking up the school calendar online. Sure enough, he has the day off from school.  We proceed back into the house where I tell him to go play until it’s time to leave for the coffee shop. Which he LOVES to go to because he gets to play on his computer while I sit and write.

We finally make it to the coffee shop and I’m not there an hour when my stomach starts at it again, but way worse and new symptoms start to show up.  My husband decides that it’s best to go to the ER.  Where I spend the next four hours freezing in a paper thin gown asking for new blankets as I feel liquid go into my arm from the IV.

After blood work, multiple scans and exams, they ruled out the following issues: gallbladder, ulcer, and appendix.  So they send me home with an antibiotic for some sort of infection in my intestines.

Now during this time, my anxiety is taking over. I, of course, googled my symptoms and just knew it was going to result in a surgery of some type and that I didn’t have time to be down right now. I’ve got tickets to see my favorite comic this Friday, I can’t miss that!

I was proud of myself for despite being utterly anxiety filled and scared that I didn’t have a mental break. I stayed steady. My husband, as with all men (sorry men readers, but it’s true), was pacing in the waiting room because our son wasn’t allowed to the back.  Once I suggested that he should take him home and get him settled there and then come back to the hospital. He’s old enough to stay home alone and he can play the Xbox.

Once I was discharged with meds I came home and slept the rest of the day and ate a little food.

I’m feeling better, and I used some herbs to help dull the pain and nausea.  I’m enjoying the sounds of Lord Huron on my phone on my back porch while I type this.

I feel at peace, despite the physical pain. So I’m mildly okay in the sense that my brain feels good, and my body okay.

Enjoy my sounds of the evening.

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