I feel so lazy.  I know that I’m sick and my body needs to heal, but I hate laying around not doing anything.  Which is basically what I’ve been doing since yesterday afternoon.  I was feeling good last night, but when I woke up this morning, I was feeling worse.  The good meds from the ER had worn off, so I was left feeling all the cramping and pain again.

I’m trying to do something to be productive.  I’m falling behind with work and school, which is only going to stress me out and make the anxiety come in full force.  So what did I do that was productive? I dusted my living room.  Not exactly what I needed to do, but the sight of clean bookshelves and entertainment cabinet makes me feel better.

I have a follow up tomorrow and I hope she gives me some meds for the cramping because that needs to go away.  I can deal with the constant nausea but the cramping and sharp pains in my stomach and lower abdomen really get me.

Still not sure how I got this insane infection, but it needs to go away quickly.  I don’t need to be sick.

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