Self Assessment

I’m spamming the blog today.  But it’s okay. I need to get my thoughts out. 

I went into “fuck it” mode after my last post.  I’m going to have a good time even if my partner is being an ass.  He’s sleeping, my husband and my partners wife are getting all dressed up and headed to a movie together, and I’m chilling like a villain enjoying a tasty adult beverage and watching my favorite baseball team. My son is in bed for the night, so some peace and quiet will be good for me. 

I took out my frustrations earlier when we went to the gun range. That was a blast. It’s always nice to take some anxiety and frustration out on a paper target.  My husband managed to take a decent picture of me firing one of the pistols. 

My son was standing behind me yelling for headshots. He was pleased when I got a few. 

I’m learning that my anxiety still can control me. But I am doing a better job of controlling it.  Today has been a challenge because it’s trying to run my day, but I’m surviving and making the best of a crappy situation. 

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