This came up on my Facebook feed just now, and it’s 100% true.


I’m currently juggling my workload for prep for next school year.  I know it seems early, but the more I can get down before teachers return in July the better.   I’m also juggling my school work for my EdS degree. Then you have being a mom and a wife on top of that.

At times, my brain is running on some many different things I get worked up on what I should actually be working on.  I get torn a lot between doing one thing over the other and that’s when the anxiety kicks in.

I’m still feeling good, although today I’m a bit on the tired side.  I’ve got the front door open, my windows open, and working from the couch.  Not in the mood to be around people today, but my mood and spirit is still better than it has been for a while.

Next week we are going on a little trip in state to get away for Spring Break, and I am looking forward to getting away.  In addition I get to spend a few days with my best friend.  Haven’t seen him since the beginning of March, so that’s a plus as well.

Today I’m going to close some of these tabs and make some head way on my workload for work and then try and conquer some work for class later.

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