Baseball Mom

I have one kiddo. He is 9. And he loves baseball. I’m a totally baseball mom. I love going to practices, games, and working on skills with him at home. 

Right now he is trying out for an exclusive travel team through the league he plays with. Last year he didn’t make the team and was crushed. Despite having the flu during tryouts, of which we didn’t know he had, he gave it his all. 

He plays year round thanks to our climate and we’ve had the last month and a half off, but this weekend kicks off the summer league and possible travel team. 

His favorite position? Catcher. It’s a good position for him. Keeps him engaged in the game and he is pretty darn good at it. This past fall he caught all season. I’m consistently impressed with his ability to kneel like that for that amount of time.  Since it’s little league it’s 5 innings or an hour and a half, which ever comes first. That’s a long time for a 9 year old to kneel, but he doesn’t complain, he just goes nonstop the whole game with a big smile on his face. 

I’m not like the other moms in this league though. I tend to isolate myself and focus on my own kid and not engage in conversations the majority of the time.  It’s interesting to note that I am very much an extrovert, but this particular league is full of majorly rich people with high paying jobs.  Not my kind of people I generally hang around. 

Today I worked on homework for my EdS program while the other moms and dads chatted about the private lessons and baseball tutors they’ve gotten their son during the off time in hopes to give them the extra edge.  Believe me, if we had the money, I’d do that for my kiddo. But at the same time, there’s something about raw talent that has to be celebrated too. 

My kid is my world. I’ll do anything and everything I can for him. If that means sitting on metal bleachers until my ass is numb in the blistering heat, I’m gonna do it. 

UPDATE 4.3.17

We got the call today from the travel ball coach and he didn’t make the team. He was upset for a bit but said he can focus on his regular rec team more now.  Proud that he was able to make a positive about the situation. 

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