Number Crunching

Part of my job is to crunch the numbers and do data analysis when the students in my charter network take the test I have written. 

On days like today, I sit in front of my computer and do this all day: 

I look for trends, both good and bad, and figure out of the question was a bad one or if the kids got tripped up by something else. 

I do this three times a year. This was my last time crunching the data for this year. Although the data wasn’t as good as I hoped, the kid did grow this year, and I’m proud of the hard work by 20+ teachers put in teaching a new curriculum that is much more than remembering dates and historical figures.  

History is about learning the implications from past events and learning how to not have those same things happen again. 

Tomorrow I stand in front of my teachers for the last time before their state test in three weeks time and remind them that their hard work, dedication, and tireless efforts did not go unnoticed by me. 

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