Do Over

Finding myself in a similar headspace this morning as I was yesterday.  So today, I changed my desktop background on my computer to this: 

It’s true. And it helped turn my day around.  Every time I look at my desktop I would laugh and get back to work. 

I had my standard Monday meeting and was actually at my office. I went in feeling great. I’ve managed to accomplish 1/2 of my workload that is due by May 19. Then I get a copy of the official schedule for next school year, and there were significant changes.  My heart dropped. I now have to go back and re do the work I already did. 

I’m trying to not get myself worked up over it. But it’s rather frustrating because I try to get ahead and then have to redo it because things change. The rest of my coworkers, were not upset because they hadn’t started yet. 

The bright side I just have to copy and paste into the updated format, so it couldn’t be worse. 

Tonight I shall sit down with my computer, favorite drink and snacks, and Netflix it up while I copy and paste.

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