Coffee Shop

I’m lucky enough to have an amazing job with a flexible work schedule and work location. I have a desk in an office, but why work there when I can work anywhere. So I’m at my desk once a week for my weekly meeting with my boss and fellow coworkers. 

Most mornings I work from a local coffee shop. I arrive at 8am and leave at noon.  I have my booth that I sit in, and the baristas check in on me frequently.  It’s to the point where if I’m not there for a day or two they ask if I was okay when I come back.  I’m known by my name and they start making my drink when I walk in the door. It’s comforting. 

My husband, who is a writer, comes with me. We enjoy our walk to the coffee shop, work on our own work, and then walk back home to enjoy lunch together.  

It’s a nice change of pace from my previous gig.  I should mention that I’m in education and was a classroom teacher for 12 years and I LOVED every minute of it. But… my freedom wasn’t in play. I had to be at work by x time, stay til x time and worked A LOT at home and on the weekends.  Now I develop the curriculum my department uses and the tests we use to assess our kids. I have freedom to devote time to my family, and work and not get stressed out. 

There are days were I miss the classroom, but that’s not very often. I love my freedom, and flexibility that this new job (that I’ve had for almost a year) holds. 

Today I worked on planning out teaching sequences for next year and have felt fulfilled and entergized today. 

Happy Friday! 

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