What Step Are You On?

I follow someone on Instagram called “anxietysociety2017” It’s been comforting to see the daily quotes, images, and/or random inspirational pieces when I’m having a bad day, or a good day.

There was a post that they did a few weeks ago, they really stuck with me.  To the point where I’ve shared this image with a friend who suffers from depression and anxiety, and yesterday with my husband, who was still struggling with his depression and suicidal thoughts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.14.21 PM

I feel like this is so good, on a variety of levels.  Not only can it help show someone where you are at mentally, if you are like me with anxiety or battle another mental health problem, but can also be used to relate to a work project.

I’m not going to kid around, yesterday was plain tough, but by the late afternoon, I had my husband up a few steps on this image, and today he’s aiming for the top.  Which ultimately gives me some piece of mind, because I can focus on my own work and my own mental problems.

So, what step are you on today?

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