Downward Spiral

It’s a shame that mental health has a stigma attached to it.  It’s a sign of weakness if you have any sort of mental health problem. Whether it’s anxiety, like myself, or depression like my husband.  He was ashamed and felt like an outcast when he was diagnosed with depression.  It took me months to get him to agree to go to a doctor and get medication. Then we did and it was like night and day.  His chemical imbalance was fixed and we started having more good days than bad days. 

But last night, after a series of events, that I triggered, after having a bad day with my anxiety, he went into a spiral. It was a long night of convincing him his life was worth living.  That my life and our son’s life would never be the same if he wasn’t in it.   I felt guilt, really I still feel guilt, for causing the spiral, but I refuse to let him give into those temptations. 

Today I have to put my anxiety aside, somehow, and be strong for the both of us.  

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